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The Princess and Doll party category covers a wide range of party themes that are typically associated with little girl parties. The Princess birthday party theme is a very popular theme as many little girls would love to transform into a fairy princess. This is the perfect opportunity to make them feel like a magical princess for the day. The Doll party theme is more associated with toys that little girls like to play with such as a My Little Pony birthday party. Again, this is a great theme if you have a child who adores a certain toy or set of characters.

With each of these party themes we have created a full party based on this theme. This includes everything from party activities that are themed to the characters to having the perfect birthday cake. Our goal is to provide ideas, tips and tricks to not only create the perfect party but also save you some money. We have the following Princess & Doll Party themes.

Bratz party supplies

Bratz Party Supplies and Ideas

Bratz dolls are a very popular doll that girls love to play with and have become the most wildly popular fashion dolls since Barbie. Girls love these ultra-fashionable dolls with their big platform shoes and trademark lip-glossed pouts. If the birthday girl has asked for a Bratz birthday party, you’re going to have a lot of fun putting it together. We have created all the details for this very fashionable party that girls can’t resist! Read More …

My Little Pony party supplies

My Little Pony Party Supplies and Ideas

My Little Pony is a very popular doll that many girls love playing with. Don’t be surprised if you’re being asked for a My Little Pony party this year. If you have an unlimited budget than renting horses and a stable for the girls will be the perfect option. However, if you’re like most of us we don’t have access to a stable nor the money to make it happen. If this this is the case then follow along on our articles on how to host a great My Little Pony party! You will find everything from creating a birthday cake to homemade invitations and everything in between. Read More …

Unicorn party supplies

Unicorn Party Supplies and Ideas

Unicorns are enchanting creatures that make you think of magical woodlands filled with glittering fairies, rainbows, and trees that seem alive. Unicorns have always been a favorite toy and they may be asking for a Unicorn Birthday Party. If they are, have no fear, we have all the supplies, ideas, decorations and games you’ll need to create the most magical Unicorn party ever! Read More …

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