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Kids absolutely love almost anything Disney from Princesses to Cars. In fact, it’s not surprising to find a Disney merchandise spread around most kids houses. Disney has done a great job of providing entertainment and imagination to millions of children world wide. So it’s not surprising that a Disney theme birthday party is a very popular option. The Disney party has grown from a simple Mickey Mouse birthday party to include all the other different movies and characters. You can now have a birthday party around almost any Disney movie and character. This is a terrific thing for you as a parent as you can simply choose your child’s favorite character (or movie) and build a whole party around that theme relatively easy!

Our goal, as always here at kids party supplies, is to provide the full party planning details of each of these specific Disney themes. We cover everything from the invitations to the birthday cake and more! Whether you’ve selected a Rapunzel Tangled birthday party or a Disney Cars party we have the details and the party planning help.

 Disney Cars party supplies

Disney Cars Party Supplies and Ideas

Since it premiered in May of 2006, the Disney-Pixar collaboration Cars has become one of the best-loved and most watched animated films of all time. In fact, they have created a Cars 2 it was such a roaring success! A cast of memorable characters such as race car Lightning McQueen, rusty tow truck Mater and a host of others each with a unique personality bring this film where vehicles can talk come to life. It’s not surprising that this is a very popular kids party theme and this is fortunate for anyone planning a Cars-themed birthday party as there will be lots of different options and merchandise!
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Little Mermaid party supplies

Little Mermaid Party Supplies and Ideas

When the Little Mermaid movie was released, little girls all over the world were enraptured by the romantic and adventurous story of the mermaid who falls in love with a handsome prince. Beautifully made and wildly popular, the movie has grossed more than $200 million, and started a renaissance of high-quality Disney films. Even now, girls still love the story of beautiful, auburn-haired Ariel and her search for love and freedom. If your little girl has decided on a Little Mermaid birthday party you are in luck as this is a very fun party and will make a special day for your daughter.
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Princess and the Frog party supplies

Princess and the Frog Party Supplies and Ideas

The story of the princess and the frog is one of the most popular folk tales for children, combining magic, romance and a very important message. By looking beyond the surface of the ugly, warty frog and showing him kindness, the princess releases the prince who is hidden inside. If your little Princess has asked for a Princess and the Frog birthday party then we have the party planning details all worked out. From transforming the party room into a magical frog pond or creating the perfect Princess and the Frog birthday cake we have it planned. Read More …

Tangled Rapunzel party supplies

Tangled Party Supplies and Ideas

In Disney’s latest animated masterpiece, Tangled, which is a new take on the beloved Rapunzel Fairy Tale, the naive Princess Rapunzel goes on an adventure with a fearless thief named Flynn Ryder. This fun movie was an immediate hit and is hugely popular so don’t be surprised if you are being asked for a Tangled-themed birthday party. We have planned everything you need, from unique Tangled themed party games and activities to interesting ways to decorate your home. Read More …

Wall-E party supplies

Wall-E Party Supplies and Ideas

Pixar’s WALL-E blends friendship, adventure, romance and an important environmental message. Many children fell in love with the battered, squat, hapless little clean-up robot who, of course, winds up saving the world and getting the girl. If your little birthday boy or girl wants a WALL-E themed birthday party, you have been put up to a little challenge. We have created party planning articles that should help you plan the party, however, finding the merchandise can sometimes be a challenge. Follow along on our articles and you’ll hopefully have a terrific party! Read More …

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