My Little Pony Party Games and Activities

my little pony pinata party gameYour games and activities at the party will be what will keep the kids entertained throughout the day. Some of the activities need a bit of preparation and others don’t. We recommend having a My Little Pony Pinata and a few of the ideas below.

My Little Pony Party Game
You can purchase a My Little Pony party game. This is a the same game as Pin the tail on the Donkey, however, instead of Pinning the tail on the Donkey you will be pinning the cutie mark on the Pony. It is played using stickers. You get 12 stickers per game board so be sure to buy more stickers if you have more than 12 children.

Decorate Your Own My Little Pony – Crafts Table
A fun activity for the girls to enjoy is for them to decorate their own My Little Pony. At least 1-day ahead of the party, print out a My Little Pony Stencil and trace it onto cardboard. Then using cardstock, cut out the My Little Ponies from the stencil. Then at the party let the girls decorate their pony. You will need crayons, pencil crayons, glue, sparkles and any other decorating items you have around your house!

My Little Pony Board Games
Being a long time favorite of young girls around the world, My Little Pony has many board games. You can find the perfect game for almost any age group. Here is a selection of My Little Pony board games.
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Watch a My Little Pony Movie
For a little bit slower and relaxing party activity you can have the kids watch a My Little Pony Movie! There are plenty of My Little Pony videos that they can watch and it doesn’t matter if they’ve seen it before. Plus, chances are they won’t be able to sit through the whole movie!