Unicorn Party Food

unicorn party favor goblets
Unicorn Party food should be pretty, dainty, and pastel. The first step in preparing the food is to determine what the birthday girl likes and dislikes. Next, is assembling all the food, we have listed a few creative Unicorn food ideas below. Finally, you’ll want to ensure the table is decorated with Unicorn Tableware.

Stars and Moon Sandwiches: Cut out star and moon shaped bread pieces using star cookie cutters. Once cut you can create sandwiches with whatever ingredients you wish (peanut butter, ham and cheese, veggie, etc..)

Create Your Own Unicorn Pizza: A fun and interactive food choice is to create your own Unicorn pizza. Simply make a pizza dough following this recipe. Once it’s rolled out cut out shapes using a unicorn cookie cutter. Place each shape onto a pie-plate and let the kids dress up each unicorn how they want! A very simple, fun and tasty food idea!

Pink Lemonade: A very pink and pretty drink is pink-lemonade served in a giant punch bowl.

Fruit Tray: Create a fruit train and include dainty melon balls and white grapes with strawberry-flavored fruit dip.

Unicorn Cookies: Make sugar cookies in the shape of a unicorn using Unicorn cookie cutters! Don’t forget to cover them in icing of your choice!