Little Mermaid Birthday Cake and Cupcakes

little mermaid cake pan wilton The birthday cake is a star attraction at any party! Luckily, with a party theme like The Little Mermaid you can create a great birthday cake very easily. Here are a few ideas to make a great looking birthday cake while still having enough time to get all the other things together!

Ariel Cake Pan
If you’re a skilled baker and decorator, you can make the official Ariel cake using the Wilton Ariel pan. The tricky part of the cake is icing the cake after it comes out of the pan. Be sure to use a piping bag, the correct colors and most importantly to take your time.

Little Mermaid Cake Toppers
For those of us who are not as skilled or as patient in the kitchen, there are lots of easier ways to create a spectacular Little Mermaid-themed birthday cake. Official Disney cake toppers are one way to decorate a cake simply and easily. Official Ariel candles are another way to make a pretty cake without fussing with frosting.

Little Mermaid Edible Image Cake Topper
A very simple and easy way to make a great Disney’s Little Mermaid cake is by using an edible image cake topper. The edible image is an image of a scene in the Little Mermaid. You simply have to bake the cake, ice it when it’s cooled and apply the edible image cake topper. This makes a terrific looking cake while taking very little time. Here are a few Ariel and Mermaid cake images to consider.
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Little Mermaid Cupcakes
You can also serve cupcakes instead of a big cake. Bake cupcakes and top them with blue frosting to represent the ocean; then scatter Little Mermaid fish, starfish and seashell edible decorations on top. You can even bake them in Little Mermaid paper cupcake tins to really be extravagant.

Another simple and charming idea is to create “beach” cupcakes. Frost cupcakes with vanilla frosting, and then sprinkle them with candy “sand” from Candy Warehouse. Toss a mini beach towel on top, made of pink fondant rolled thin and cut into rectangles, and finish off by sticking a pink paper parasol into the cupcake.

You can also serve “design your own” deep-sea cupcakes to the little guests. Frost them with blue icing and sprinkle with a little glitter sugar. You can bring them to the table with enough candles lit to match the birthday girl’s age, and once she has blown them out, distribute the cupcakes among the guests. Bring little bowls of gummy fish, gummy octopi, star-shaped candies for starfish and green licorice whips for seaweed, and let the girls decorate their own cupcakes. This is an activity that almost all kids will love!

Finally, you can purchase pre-made cupcake toppers to create your Little Mermaid cupcakes. These range from figurines to cupcake rings and everything in between. We have listed a few options below, simply select your favorite and add to an iced cupcake! This option is almost too easy!
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Hopefully those cake ideas help to create a perfect Little Mermaid cake for your special one!