Tom and Jerry Party Supplies

tom and jerry costumeIf you grew up, or know someone who grew up in the past 50 years, you know what Tom and Jerry is; or rather, who they are. This dynamic, animated cat and mouse duo have been entertaining audiences through the cartoon shorts chronicling their fights and friendships since the 1940s. Yet, in spite of their age, their slapstick humor has not only not become old-fashioned and out-dated, it has become classic. In fact, there are now plenty of Video games featuring the crazy duo!

Tom and Jerry is still on TV, on multiple channels, every single day. Its popularity has remained consistent. Your children probably love to watch their tricks, gags, and antics as they try to foil each others various plans, schemes, and plots. Perhaps you did too, and maybe you still do. Concerns about cartoon violence aside, this series of shorts is enjoyable at almost any age. What fun then, for you and your kids to throw a Tom and Jerry themed birthday party.

tom and jerry costumeWhether you divide the kids into a team of cats and a team of mice and pit them against each other in a series of fun competitions. You could do a “boys versus girls” Tom and Jerry party. If you have two kids with close birthdays, you could do a joint party with one set of kids on each team, and maybe an adult or two helping to even the score. If you’re looking for something a little more low-key, have them watch a Tom and Jerry marathon.

A Tom and Jerry birthday party is full of opportunities for fun, for treats, and for the kids to have some antics of their own. This party guide will help you throw a fantastic, fun party for your child and their friends. This guide is full of great ideas, both crafty and store-bought, this guide will make throwing a Tom and Jerry themed birthday party for your child as easy as catching a mouse!

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