Sweet 16 – 80’s Theme Party Supplies

sweet 16 party suppliesThe 1980s were a very distinctive decade in terms of fashion, music, movies and more. Girls wore neon clothes, off-the-shoulder “Flashdance” sweatshirts and legwarmers. Guys wore skinny ties and tight stovepipe jeans if they were “mods,” rolled up jeans and topsiders if they were “preppy,” and mullets, headbands and studded belts and armbands if they were “rockers.” Valley girls drank diet Tab cola and used expressions like “totally rad,” and “whatever!” The decade also saw the rise of break-dancing, asymmetrical haircuts, pet rocks and the Rubik’s cube craze.

If the birthday girl wants to take a trip back in time and spend an evening immersed in all things 80s, you’ll want to recapture the most memorable elements of the decade and turn them into an evening she and her friends will never forget. Read through these articles for creative ideas on everything from turning the party room into a “time capsule,” finding the 80s tunes that will get the party hopping, coming up with fun, 80s-themed activities and more!

Whether you choose to be extravagant or frugal, and whether you’re planning a party for 12 or 120 guests, you’ll find all the ideas you need to pull off a “totally tubular” 80s party!