Olivia the Pig Party Supplies

olivia the pig party suppliesA few years before the new millennium, Ian Falconer’s niece, Olivia, was born. Captivated by this new addition to the family, Ian wanted to give a present to his baby niece and so the first book staring Olivia the Pig began. A few years later in 2000, Simon & Schuster picked up that initial volume for publication.

Over the years since that day, Olivia has grown into a new children’s favorite, particularly with the cartoon that aired back in January 2009. Olivia is a rambunctious little piglet that always has boundless energy and is never too busy to get into trouble. Her happy-go-lucky attitude and many adventures appeals to young children (Olivia herself is 6 and _ years old), and the trials and rewards faced by Olivia’s exhausted but loving mother appeal to the parents who watch the shows with or read the books to their kids. As such, rambunctious little Olivia has become well known and well loved by children and parents alike.

Set in a world of pigs, Olivia’s stories have to do with standard every day issues dealing with family, friends, and life’s lessons that all children must learn. Ian Falconer’s interesting minimalist style speaks more than the most detailed picture. Reminiscent of the classic Dr. Suess artwork, Olivia the Pig is illustrated in black and white with attention grabbing splashes of red. Throughout the book series, additional colors are added, but the main colors of black, white and red are the ones most commonly associated with Olivia.

Thanks to Olivia the Pig’s popularity, many children are asking for and enjoying Olivia the Pig birthday parties. If you have your own little fan of the series with a birthday coming up, an Olivia the Pig themed birthday party will leave the birthday boy or girl jumping with joy. There’s no lack of Olivia the Pig party supplies or personalized ideas to make this birthday party truly pig-tacular.

As Olivia might say, one of the rules of life is that a birthday party can be easy and fun with the right resources. So, read on for help planning the perfect Olivia the Pig birthday party for your own rambunctious piglet.

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