Dinosaurs Party Supplies

dinosaur party costumeGrrrrrrrrr! It’s dinosaur party time! What child doesn’t like dinosaurs? This is the perfect theme for your next special event, because there is so much you can do with a dinosaur party! One of the great things about this theme is all the Dinosaur merchandise available! You can buy pre-made Dinosaur party supplies or simply pull together pieces from different dinosaur themed things!

Have your child choose his or her favorite dinosaur and use that one as the star of your invitations. Print out a small card with the party information and add some cute dinosaur stamps or stickers. Or, look for pre-made invitations. You can even invite guests to come dressed as their favorite dinosaur.

Kids love dinosaurs and searching for things, so start the day off with a Dinosaur Treasure Hunt. Before the party, buy a few dozen mini plastic dinosaurs and hide them all around your yard or play area. You can even use dinosaur eggs where a small plastic dinosaur is inside! When guests arrive, send them on a dino hunt. Give clues and remind children to look high and low to find all kinds of dinosaurs, including flying dinosaurs, meat-eating dinosaurs, and Jurassic pals in every color.

Play a game of Guess How Many Dinosaurs? Before the party, place a few bags of mini-eggs in a large glass bowl or jar (be sure to count them so you know how many there are). When guests arrive at the party, ask each one to guess how many dinosaur eggs are in the jar. Write down the guesses and offer a prize for the guest whose guess was the closest to the actual number.

Planning a Dinosaur party can be a Jurassic task, however, with a little planning and our articles below you should be able to pull of a great Dinosaur party.

Dinosaurs Party Planning Articles