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TV and Movie party themes have grown to the most popular kids party theme. This could be due to the mass-marketing that is put into these TV and movies or it could be because of the super fun and lovable characters. Either way, planning a party around a TV or movie theme can be very simple and fun. Especially since you have a great resource (the show) and plenty of merchandise to work with. Simply choose your child’s favorite movie (Monsters Inc, Dr. Seuss, etc…) or TV show (Dora the Explorer, Thomas the Train, etc…) and create a fun party around that theme.

Our goal is to help you create the best party possible by providing tips, tricks and ideas for each and every party theme. For each TV and Movie party theme we have planned everything from the decorations to the invitations and even the party games. This even includes homemade party supply ideas to help you save money while sticking to the chosen party theme! We have the following party themes.

Bakugan party supplies

Bakugan Party Supplies and Ideas

Bakugan is a Japanese action adventure television series that made a big hit with kids when it arrived in North America a few years ago. The story centers on six friends who find metallic cards that have fallen from the sky. If your little boy has asked for a Bakugan birthday party, you may be scratching your head and wondering where to start. Have no fear, we have all the details planned in our set or Bakugan party planning articles. Read More …

Blues Clues party supplies

Blues Clues Party Supplies and Ideas

Blue’s Clues is a cute blue dog cartoon from Nick Jr. who has provided countless hours of fun and amusement for young children. Blue makes both children and adults eager to let him into their homes with his fun and adorable ways. If you are considering a Blue’s Clues Birthday Party we have all the supplies, ideas and help to make a perfect Blue’s Clues party! Read More …

Diego party supplies

Diego Party Supplies and Ideas

Eight-year old Diego is a scientist, a naturalist and an animal-lover. Kids love following his adventures all over the world as he saves and protects animals in their natural environments. Having a Go Diego Go birthday party is a great theme for a kids birthday party. You have plenty of options including turning your home into an exotic safari. Plus, you can give out Dora the Explorer party supplies to the girls at the party who would rather have Dora merchandise. All in all this party theme brings adventure and animals together and what kid can’t resist that? Read More …

Dora the Explorer party supplies

Dora the Explorer Party Supplies and Ideas

If you have young child aged two to five in your home, you are probably very familiar with Dora the Explorer. In fact, you probably already know the “I’m the Map!” song off by heart! If this is the case then a Dora the Explorer themed birthday party, might just be the perfect theme for her birthday. The combination of songs, travel adventures and animal rescues makes a great party theme that all the kids will love. What’s even better is that since Dora has a cousin Diego you have Go Diego Go party supplies for boys with this theme too! Read More …

Dr Seuss party supplies

Dr Seuss Party Supplies and Ideas

Get ready to design and host the best Dr. Seuss party ever since Dr. Suess is super fun for me and for you! The wacky-named characters with colorful hair, the furry and feathered friends with 16 legs, and the memorable classic character from the Cat in the Hat can send party guests back to the rhythmic, rhyming fun of childhood. A Dr. Seuss birthday party is a great theme for kids who love the books and movies. We have planned a great party full of fun, adventure and wackiness! Read More …

Monsters Inc. party supplies

Monsters Inc. Party Supplies and Ideas

Parents and children alike have been captivated by the adorable characters of Monsters, Inc. Monsters Inc. has withstood the test of time and has spawned a prequel to be released in 2013 named Monsters Inc. University! Since it’s such a popular theme many parents and children are considering a Monsters Inc. birthday party. We have planned on the details for this fun and adorable theme that the kids will love! Read More …

Narnia party supplies

Narnia Party Supplies and Ideas

The Chronicles of Narnia party is based on a set of children’s books by C.S. Lewis. In these books, four children enter a wardrobe and find themselves in a magical land called Narnia. The children help the great lion, Aslan, defeat the White Witch and bring spring and happiness into Narnia. This is a great set of books and now movies that the kids love to bring to life. A Narnia birthday party is a fun way to bring the magical characters and enchantment of the land to life. Read More …

Scooby Doo party supplies

Scooby Doo Party Supplies and Ideas

Scooby Doo and his mystery-solving pals have been entertaining kids for more than forty years with no end in sight. Even though their flower-power van and Fred’s blue flares are decades out of date, their thrilling adventures and Scooby and Shaggy’s comic antics keep the cartoon series fresh. A Scooby Doo birthday party is a great theme for a kids birthday as it combines adventure, problem solving and fun all together. We have planned everything including a Scooby Doo birthday mystery adventure where they must defeat the birthday zombie! Read More …

Strawberry Shortcake party supplies

Strawberry Shortcake Party Supplies and Ideas

Strawberry Shortcake was originally designed for American Greeting Cards, however, since that time it’s become a staple of kids around the world who love pink, strawberries and strawberry shortcake! Each character has a fruit or dessert themed name and clothing design, and each character also has a pet with a fruit or dessert theme name. If you’re hosting a Strawberry Shortcake birthday party then this is the place for you and your berry special guests! We have planned a very fun party which includes fun games, delicious food and interactive party favors. Read More …

Thomas the Train party supplies

Thomas the Train Party Supplies and Ideas

Thomas the Tank Engine first chugged his way into children’s hearts in the early 80s when his popular cartoon first aired. Since that time kids have loved Thomas the Train and now his original fans are having kids of their own. This makes a Thomas the Train birthday party almost easier as you, the parent, already know the theme. We have assembled a great Thomas themed party which includes everything for the birthday cake to the decorations!
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Tom and Jerry party supplies

Tom and Jerry Party Supplies and Ideas

Tom and Jerry is a cartoon that is over 50 years old but is still on TV and it’s popularity has remained consistent. Children love to watch their tricks, gags, and antics as they try to foil each others various plans, schemes, and plots. A Tom and Jerry themed birthday party is a great theme for kids of all ages. We have a set of articles to plan an outrageous party that won’t soon be forgotten.
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Wizard of Oz party supplies

Wizard of Oz Party Supplies and Ideas

Wizard of Oz is one of the best-known, most recognizable movies in history, and one that children still enjoy, despite its lack of contemporary special effects. Kids every year see the movie for the first time and love the adventure that Dorothy and Toto. If you’re planning a Wizard of Oz birthday party for your children than our set of articles is a great place to start. We have everything from the invitations to the decorations! Read More …

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