80’s Video Games Party Supplies

Are you ready for your name to be among the high scores in party planning? With an 80’s video game party, young guests will be introduced to the early world of basic graphics and simple strategy while older guests will take a trip back in time to relive a few arcade memories. No matter what the audience is like, your guests will have fun playing interactive games, chomping on snacks just like Pac Man, and celebrating the special event with your guest-of-honor.

Start with a retro invitation that features a video game screen with your favorite character. Use gel pens, paint pens, or glow-in-the-dark markers to write out the time, place, date, and so on. For fun, suggest that each guest come dressed as his or her favorite video game character, or in some sort of themed 80’s costume.

Once the invitations have been sent, it’s time to start planning the party. Be sure to include a variety of themed activities and eye-candy at your party, such as a Plug & Play video game joystick that works with almost any T.V., hand-held electronic games, video game or 80’s-themed posters, background music that includes some video game music, a little bit of 80’s trivia, and maybe a mullet wig or two for some silly role playing. Then, gather your Rick Springfield tapes, crack open the hairspray, and whip out your leotard for the best flashback party ever… Whatever you choose to include, your younger party guests will be wishing they grew up in the 80’s!