My Little Pony Party Favors

my little pony party favorsSetting yourself apart from all the other average birthday party throwers can be done with great My Little Pony party favors. Your party favors are what guests of the party will take home to remember their entire party experience. It is what they walk away with for supporting your little on their important day. Make it special!

If you have limited time and don’t want to run around trying to find the perfect party favors than you can purchase a My Little Pony party favor pack. The pack comes with officially licensed My Little Pony merchandise so you know the kids will love it. The only drawback to these party favors is they typically cost a bit more than making them yourself. We have a few do-it-yourself My Little Pony party favor ideas below.

You can find many of these party favors that are the My Little Pony theme already. If not, stick with the color theme of the party. You could also pick favors that have flowers, clouds, ponies (any kind), stars, or hearts.

My Little Pony Favor Bags
Designing your own My Little Pony favor bags is really easy and oh so cute! You can choose to put whatever party favors you want inside the bags. The party favors we suggest below should cost approximately $7-$10 per child.

  • Use clear cellophane bags in a size that suits your favors. These can be found at your local retail store such as Wal-Mart, Target, and some grocery stores.
  • Decorate the bags with My Little Pony Stickers
  • Place a thick layer of skittles at the bottom of the bags. You can also use any hard candy but avoid chocolate as it may melt.
  • Add your desired party favors to the bag. These party favors look REALLY neat with a My Little Pony figure inside. (If you’re only using a My Little Pony figure you can fill the rest of the bag up with skittles to make the My Little Pony hidden! The kids will love this effect!
  • Use ribbon to tie off the top and set the party favor bags out where everyone can see them. All the party theme colors make this a great addition to your My Little Pony decorations!