Lego Party Favors

lego party favorsKids love coming home with a handful of treats and a memento of the great time they had at the party. If you’re inviting a few kids, you really knock their socks off by splurging a little and sending them home with a mini kit such as the Lego City helicopter or police motorcyle, but if you have a crowd to provide for, there are lots of inexpensive Lego-themed ideas for gift bags, too. Here are a few ideas to consider.

For a quick and easy fix, check out the pre-made, official Lego-themed party favor boxes from Amazon. Each box includes a Creator Airplane or a Creator 4×4 truck, plus a Lego Club membership and a LegoLand or LegoLand Discovery Center admission ticket. Or take a look at the LEGOVille favor boxes at Celebrate Express. Each box contains a LEGOVille blowout, LEGOVille stickers, toy fire engine, assorted color-dough and cookie cutter and a sheriff’s badge.

Homemade Lego Party Favors
You can also create your own favor bags from scratch. Start by scouring the local dollar stores and party outlets for trinkets, toys and favor bags or boxes in the Lego theme colors of red, yellow, green and blue. If you plan on breaking the kids into teams for games and activities, this can also be a way to differentiate the teams: look for inexpensive t-shirts, armbands, bandanas, novelty sunglasses, wacky hats or other wearables in the four different colors, and hand each child something to wear in his or her team colors. At the end of the party, they can take it home with them.

Buy Lego-red gift bags and print out Lego logos on sticker paper to decorate them. Or find pictures of the birthday child’s favorite Lego figures on the official Lego website and print them out as stickers to decorate the bags. Fill the bags with Lego pieces and Lego-shaped candy. By purchasing a giant tub of 400+ Lego pieces and Lego-style candy building blocks, you can fill up lots of favor bags inexpensively. If you have a digital camera and color printer, you can take a photo of each of the kids during the party, print it on photo paper and pop it in the bag along with the treats.

You can also go for something really different and pick up a few Brick Construction t-shirts from ThinkGeek. On sale for just $5.99 each, these kids’ t-shirts come with a built-in baseplate so that you can snap Lego pieces directly onto the t-shirt to make a wearable Lego creation. Combine a take-home favor with a fun activity and set up a station where the kids can decorate their t-shirts before bringing them home.

If you hosted a Lego themed birthday party what did you give out as Lego Party favors? Let us know in the comments below.