Scooby Doo Party Supplies

scooby doo party supplies
Scooby Doo and his mystery-solving pals Shaggy, Velma, Daphne and Fred have been entertaining kids for more than forty years. Even though their flower-power van and Fred’s blue flares are decades out of date, their thrilling adventures and Scooby and Shaggy’s comic antics keep the cartoon series fresh. The hugely popular Scooby Do live-action movie, starring Freddie Prinze Junior and Sarah Michelle Gellar, was released in 2002, and a sequel was released in 2004.

Scooby Doo owes its enduring popularity to the great combination of lighthearted slapstick humor and scary thrills and chills that every episode delivers. A successful Scooby Doo birthday party needs to capture that sense of fun and adventure. In this set of articles, you’ll find all the information you need to plan a party that recreates the show’s goofy, flower-power attitude with lots of fun and humor. You’ll also get step-by-step instructions for sending the kids on a spooky, ghost-filled mysterious adventure of their own. The materials you’ll need to make this party happen aren’t expensive, and you’ll have fun putting it all together.

Everything from mystery-message invitations to fun Scooby-snack cake ideas is included in these articles. Party favor options from economical to extravagant can also be found, so whether you want to send kids home with an inexpensive memento or a treasure trove, you’ll find ideas that are sure to please.

Have fun reading through these ideas and piecing together the perfect Scooby Doo party for those “darn meddling kids!”

Scooby Doo Party Planning Articles