Ironman Party Supplies

ironman party suppliesWealthy, destructive, flippant playboy Tony Stark may not be the best role model, but the kids love him. And although his mom probably needs to teach him some lessons about respect, discipline and using fewer cuss-words, he does possess some very worthwhile qualities, too. He’s brave, creative and inventive, with a true scientist’s curiosity and perseverance. As for his superhero alter-ego, Iron Man, what’s not for a kid to love? Super-speed, super-strength, spectacular firepower and the ability to fly—Iron Man has it all, plus that awesome burgundy and gold outfit.

If your birthday boy or girl has asked for an Iron Man birthday party, you’ll find lots of ideas in these articles to guide you in creating a memorable event that fits any budget. In this set of articles, you’ll find ideas for original and customized Iron Man party invitations, themed decorations that turn the party room into Iron Man’s high-tech laboratory, and simple costumes for the party guests to wear during the party and take home as a keepsake. There are also a range of Iron Man themed activities to keep the kids busy and entertained, with a mix of high-energy games and quieter craft projects.

You’ll find a few ideas for Iron Man birthday cakes that will be the hit of the party—without requiring you to get an advanced degree in cake decorating! Themed snacks, party favors and activities are also described in detail so you can pull together the perfect party easily.

Ironman Party Planning Articles