The Disney Princess Movie Night

disney princess sleepoverSleep overs are one of the most common parties you are going to experience if you have children. If you are lucky enough to be hosting then you have countless options for themes and styles. One of the most loved you can arrange is the Disney princess movie party. Those bunk beds for kids are going to be filled with guests sooner than you think so it’s time to start planning some ideas to make this bash the best it can be.

With this idea you are not limited to just one movie so plan out a lineup of each movie that features the Disney princesses you plan to represent at your party. It is a party, so don’t worry about them just watching movies all day. This will keep them entertained and keep them out of trouble while you tend to the rest of the details. Food takes prep and those little princesses can make it a little difficult to stay on schedule.

You can tailor the food to theme of the party as well to enhance the experience. See if there is any food mentioned in the movies and give them a taste of each food as each movie comes to an end. Of course, you are going to want to check with the parents of your guests to make sure that there are not any allergies or intolerances that you need to look out for. Do a Google search for Disney princess cupcakes and see what come up. With this, you can give each guest their own personalized cupcake representing their favorite princess. If you get multiple sets of Disney princess party supplies then you can even serve their food on plates that have the faces of their favorite princesses.

We suggest buying bunk beds for kids even if you only have one child so that you have the extra sleeping space ready to go when this sleep over happens. I promise you, it will happen so it is better to be two steps ahead. With sleeping arrangements out of the way, you can end the night by letting those little princesses snuggle up in blankets that have the Disney princesses on them. You may be surprised how cheaply and easily you can get fleece blankets with Disney prints on them. And now you have extra blankets for when the others are in the wash. Just make sure that the blankets fit bunk beds for kids.

Whatever you plan for your Disney princess party just having the sleepover will be enough fun for the kids!