Little Mermaid Party Decorations

little mermaid party packDepending on the amount of time and energy you have to devote to party preparations, you may want to invest in the Celebrate Express deluxe party pack. At $38.99, it’s a great deal for parents who want a simple way to dress up the party room with official Little Mermaid decorations. The pack includes eight invitations, tableware including plates, placemats, cups, forks, spoons, napkins, tablecover and centerpiece, plus a foil balloon, 18 regular balloons in pink and purple, matching crepe paper rolls and curling ribbon, and even matching cake candles.

If you enjoy coming up with more original decorating ideas, you can have fun playing with the “underwater” theme—without having to spend a fortune. You can achieve some truly stunning effects using inexpensive rolls of blue streamers to simulate the look of the sea. You can loop them across the walls and ceilings to create wavy patterns and hang fluttering lengths from the doorframes and windows. You can also make “seaweed” using green streamers and gluing small, irregular leaf-shapes cut from green paper or construction paper. Twine the seaweed over the furniture and let it trail over the floor. Add blue and green balloons to complete the effect. You can even decorate the children as they enter the door with a seaweed boa!

You can dress up the walls with simple fish-shapes cut from construction paper. Add pale blue circles to make underwater “bubbles” for added effect. You can turn this into an activity to do while waiting for all the guests to arrive. Have the girls decorate the fish on the walls with stick-on googly eyes, crayons, felts and stickers. As another decoration/activity, you may also want to pick up a Stand-up Ariel from Celebrate Express. Although this is a bit expensive, this stand-up figure is 48” tall and makes a great photo-opportunity at any party. The photos than make great thank-you cards or additions to your Little Mermaid thank you cards.

Complete the underwater scene by hanging colorful, three-dimensional tropical fish from the ceiling. You can also find inflatable ocean creature beach balls (crab, octopus and fish creatures) from your local dollar store. These can be hung from the ceiling or scattered over the “ocean floor” for the girls to kick around and play with.

You may also want to create an inexpensive treasure chest by covering a cardboard box in gold wrapping paper or glittery gold tissue. You can also use gold spray-paint. Cut the flaps off the top of the box, and replace them with a piece of cardboard cut to fit. You can attach the cardboard lid using silver duct tape “hinges.” Glue gold or black fabric to the inside of the box and fill it with favor bags, game prizes or other treasures. (You can also cover an ordinary beach cooler with gold paper to create a treasure chest.)

To give the room an underwater glow, lay sheets of green or blue tissue over light fixtures. (But be careful not to let the tissue touch the bulb surface!) Or purchase blue-light-bulbs instead!

little mermaid party banner
If you’re looking for just a few official Little Mermaid decorations for the party we recommend a Little Mermaid pinata or party banner. The pinata is great as it can also be a fun Little Mermaid party activity and decoration! A Little Mermaid party banner (as shown above) is great as it can be a great memento from a very fun and memorable day!

The decorations for a Little Mermaid party can be as simple as you want or much more complex. Hopefully the ideas above help to create a well decorated room for your fabulous party!