Unicorn Party Games

unicorn pinataUnicorn party games should be a fun and captivating. It is best to combine a few high-activity games and a few low-activity games. We have listed a few Unicorn party games that are perfect for just about any Unicorn party!

Pin the Horn on the Unicorn
The girls will attempt to pin a horn on a unicorn. This is played exactly the same as “pin the tail on the donkey” but instead of a tail and a donkey simply use a horn and a unicorn! You will need a horn and a Unicorn to place on the wall. We recommend the Unicorn Wall decal as it looks good and is removable. In fact, the birthday girl can then decorate her room with the wall decal after the party!

Unicorn Pinata
A fun game at just about any party is a Pinata where the girls get to try and break the pinata in-order to get the candy! A Unicorn Pinata not only makes a fun game but also acts as a great Unicorn decoration!

Unicorn Crafts Table
A much less intense Unicorn party activity is a crafts table. This requires a bit of prep time so be sure to have the supplies ready before the kids arrive. Simply make a cone shaped hat using plain poster board and tape (or glue). Then have glitter, metallic paint, and plastic gemstones for the kids to glue onto the hats. Alternatively, you can buy a create-your-own Tiara craft kit which has all the essentials to creating tiara’s for the girls!