My Little Pony Birthday Cake and Cupcakes

my little pony cake panThe cake is no doubt our most anticipated element of a birthday party. It needs to taste good – but looks certainly matter as well! You have a few options with the birthday cake. The easiest and most expensive is to buy a premade cake from your local bakery. You can also just create the cake yourself with a little bit of imagination and work. One of the neater cake ideas is to use a My Little Pony cake pan, however, this option usually requires the most decorating and icing skills. We have listed a few other My Little Pony cake ideas below.

Make a My Little Pony Scene
The small size of most My Little Pony figures and accessories make them perfect for using to decorate your my Little Pony Birthday cake. Buy a few sets to add to the top of your birthday cake designing your own scene. Perhaps the party princess would like to be a part of this fun activity too!

  • Bake the cake according to directions.
  • Once the cake is completely cooled get ready for the frosting. If you are doing a little scene then you may want the frosting to be the grass. Use food dye to color white frosting whatever color you want. You can also use different piping tips to create different icing effects on the cake but it’s not totally necessary.
  • Add your My Little Pony figures as cake toppers
  • Use bright colored candles. The more color you use on your cake the more it will stand out at the party.

My Little Pony Sheet Cake
A very simple My Little Pony cake can be created from edible image toppers. You can buy a My Little Pony edible image topper in various scenes and add one to the cake. Simply bake a cake in apply the image topper!
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My Little Pony Cupcakes
An alternative to cakes is cupcakes. Cupcakes have the advantage of being easier to bake, decorate and clean-up afterward! Simply bake a cupcake following the directions and ice when cool. Then you can apply various cupcake toppers which includes sprinkles, an edible image or even cupcake rings. The kids will love their own little My Little Pony cupcakes!
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