Monsters Inc. Party Supplies

monsters inc party suppliesChoosing your theme is only the first step to pulling together a Monsters, Inc birthday party that your little guy or gal will remember forever! Getting organized, creating a plan, and using your resources will all contribute to an easy to throw party that people will only assume you stressed about for weeks. We have everything you need to organize and plan without the stress!

Parents and children alike have been captivated by the adorable characters of Monsters, Inc. While not the newest box office buster, it sure has withstood the test of time with many children still begging for a Monsters, Inc birthday party … which of course they want to share with the cuddly monsters themselves. Bringing these characters to life at your party is easy with our help.

Getting everyone in a monster of a mood in a good way, of course! Use your imagination! Getting the kids to appreciate all your hard work means getting on their level. They want lots of color, lots of details, lots of creativity, and lots of fun!

Set the mood with sound! Lots of noise and chaos add to the free spirit of the day. Put in your own efforts to be loud and rambunctious. This is the one day you get to act like a hoodlum in public … take advantage of it!

Let kids be kids! This is the one day that rules don’t matter. So what if they get a little loud! So what if they get a little crazy! They will appreciate and remember always that time when they were allowed to be their wild selves without parental interference.

Plan activities! Don’t think structure though. Think freedom to allow anything and everything to happen as it will. Kids will take control as their imaginations run wild. Who know what they may come up with but you are sure to get more than a fair share of laughs!

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