My Little Pony Party Decorations

my little pony mylar balloonsThe My Little Pony decorations should set the mood and theme of the party. You want to make sure it’s perfect, it should feel airy, glittery, and be perfect for your perfect princess! Getting the mood just right is about knowing how to bring My Little Pony to life at the party! The easiest ways to do this is to get a My Little Pony party pack which includes the decorations and tableware for your party.

My Little Pony Decorations
Luckily, you have a wide range of My Little Pony decorations from My Little Pony Pinata’s to posters! We recommend choosing a few select My Little Pony Decorations like a Mylar Balloon and a few homemade party decorations.

Homemade My Little Pony Decorations
Here are a few ideas to use or you can use it to start your brainstorming.

Birthday Banner
Print out your own colorful birthday banner. Simply, print one letter per page to make it big and dramatic using the colors of the color theme. You can use something simple like “Happy Birthday Joanna”. You can string them together with a hole punch and a piece of string to hang the party banner on the wall. You can order a pre-made personalized party banner online if you want something a bit more authentic.

My Little Pony Images
A very simple and budget friendly for your decorations is to print colored images of My Little Pony characters. If you don’t have a color printer you can get an office supply store to print them for you. You can then hang them up around the party room. Another idea is to buy a coloring / poster book which the kids can color and you get a poster!

Bring in the Color!
Your color theme should be similar to the color theme of My Little Pony. A great place to start is using the same color as her favorite My Little Pony character! This is usually pink, purple, teal or some other pastel color. Easy color decorations that kids love are balloons. You can find them for relatively cheap at the dollar store too!

My Little Pony Tableware
The final piece of decorating a My Little Pony party is the Tableware. The table setting doesn’t have to be anything spectacular as the food can/should be a decorating piece. However, you may want to add My Little Pony paper plates, napkins and cups. If you really want to splurge you can add a My Little Pony tablecloth.