Bratz Party Decorations

bratz party decorations packOfficial Bratz party decorations can be hard to find, however, we have found a few officially licensed Bratz decorations here and on Amazon here. We recommend combining Bratz mylar balloons, a Bratz party banner and a few of the ideas below.

Although these ideas aren’t official Bratz merchandise it’s easy to create a glam Bratz environment with lots of bright color, shimmer and shine. The official Bratz brand colors are deep purple, fuschia pink and powder blue, with gold or silver accents. Use this color palette to deck out the party room. Here are some ideas:

  • Fill the room with bunches of purple, pink and powder blue balloons, with coordinated streamers hanging down to the floor.
  • Cut out big pink kissy lips from posterboard or craft paper and plaster them all over the walls and even the ceiling.
  • Cut out big Bratz-style platform shoes and boots from purple and pink construction paper and tack them to the walls. Attach glitter pens from ribbons next to the shoes so the kids can decorate them.
  • Using the high-resolution Bratz clipart on the Internet. Print out 8 ½” x 11 color images of the Bratz figures and glue them to cardboard. Cut the figures out using scissors or a Sharpie, and create a stand-up base by slotting another piece of cardboard into the bottom of the figure at a right angle. Stand the Bratz figures up all over the room. You can also just buy a Bratz poster as they’re fairly inexpensive and look great!
  • Pick up an inexpensive rotating disco ball lamp to liven up the room and give it a nightclub feel.

    Add glamour to the snack and craft tables with silver tablecloths and hang a silver fringe curtain from the doorway. Then hang big silver stars from the ceiling. If you prefer to accent the party room in gold, you’ll find all these items in gold on Amazon as well.