Blue’s Clues Party Supplies

blues clues party costumeBlue’s Clues is a cute blue dog cartoon from Nick Jr. who has provided countless hours of fun and amusement for young children. Along with his other dog friend, Magenta, and his other companions, Mr. Salt, Mrs. Pepper, Paprika, Cinnamon, and Joe, among others, Blue makes both children and adults eager to let him into their homes, via their television sets, everyday. If your little one has requested a Blue’s Clues Birthday Party this year than have no fear we have all the supplies, ideas and help to make a perfect Blue’s Clues party!

The food includes mouthwatering treats, such as “Blue’s BBQ Bites” and “Joe’s Jell-O Jigglers.” The decorations consist of cardboard cut outs of The Thinking Chair, Tickety Tock, and plastic shovels and pails dotted around the room. The games will require adequate space to play “Mr. Salt and Mrs. Pepper’s Polka” (think musical chairs) and to search for clues to discover what could be hidden in Blue’s Mystery Box. The children will decorate their own “Handy Dandy Notebooks” to carry home with them as party favors.

The Blue’s Clues party supplies all center on Blue and the other characters from the hit TV show. The Blue’s Party is ideal for children ages 2 – 5. Enjoy making a Blues Clues Party for your child this year!