Bakugan Party Supplies

bakuan party costumesBakugan is a Japanese action adventure television series that made a big hit with kids when it arrived in North America a few years ago. The story centers on six friends who find metallic cards that have fallen from the sky. The children invent a game with the cards, but soon come to realize that their games have the power to affect the destiny of a far-away parallel universe called Vestroia as well as their own planet Earth.

If your little girl or boy has asked for a Bakugan party, you may be scratching your head and wondering where to start. With dozens of characters and complicated storylines and game rules, Bakugan is an alternate universe where most grown-ups fear to tread!

Fortunately, a successful Bakugan party will come together easily if you focus on a few key themes and activities. Using simple and inexpensive party decoration, favor and snack ideas, you’ll be able to create a fun-filled universe for your little Bakugan Battle Brawlers without having to spend a fortune. We do recommend having a few pieces of official merchandise to keep the party around the Bakugan theme.

We have creative party ideas to fit any budget and skill level. Check out all our Bakugan Party Supplies here and read-on for more information on party preparations, as well as make-at-home ideas for Bakugan invitations, party favors and more.

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