Ladybug Party Supplies

lady bug costumeThere aren’t many insects with enough of a cute factor to charm little girls, but ladybug are at the top of the list. These tiny, brightly colored, polka-dotted bugs are greeted by children with cries of delight wherever they are found. They are known for being helpful garden companions, keeping away more harmful insects and helping the flowers and shrubs to stay healthy.

If your little girl has decided on a ladybug birthday party, you’re going to have a lot of fun putting it together! There are so many charming and inexpensive ways to introduce the ladybug theme into the lady bug party invitations, decorations and favors. The ladybug motif lends itself to many simple and pretty home craft projects, so take a look at some of DIY ideas in the “Party decorations” article. The ladybug’s enduring popularity means that you’ll also have no problems finding ready-prepared decorating items if you prefer to take a few shortcuts, and you’ll find tips on where to find the best of them!

No party is complete without some games and activities, so take a look at the “Party games and activities” article for fun crafts for the kids and simple, ladybug-themed games such as “ladybug hide-and-seek” and “musical leaves.”

Browse the “Party food” article for ideas and recipes for a ladybug picnic, complete with an assortment of finger sandwiches in the shapes of ladybugs and their good friends, the caterpillar and the butterfly. Plus, you’ll find recipes and decorating tips for creating easy-to-make and absolutely perfect ladybug cakes.

A note about colors: part of the ladybug’s unique charm is her vibrant red-and-black coloring, but that shouldn’t restrict you from basing the party on a different color scheme that you or the birthday girl would prefer. A pink-and-black ladybug theme could be a dream-come-true for a little girl who loves ladybugs AND the color pink! Or imagine the effect of a decoration scheme that features a rainbow of colorful ladybugs!

Ladybug Party Planning Articles