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Classic party themes is a general category that consists of all the party themes that don’t fit into another category or have been around for a while. This doesn’t mean that the party themes are any less popular (or fun) as kids still love these themes. In fact, a Lego themed birthday party is one of the most popular parties every year especially with the introduction of Star Wars lego themed supplies. As well, most kids love the other themes such as a Medieval Knight birthday party or a Space birthday party. is dedicated to providing full party planning details for all of our party themes. So for these Classic birthday party themes you will find a full article on every detail of a kids party from the food to the invitations. We also provide homemade ideas that may be very fun, inexpensive and suitable for your child’s special day. We have the following Classic party themes.

Medieval Knight party supplies

Knight Party Supplies and Ideas

This party theme is based on the far-away time of knights, princesses, damsels in distress, and wizards. During this time, brave knights would travel across the world on quests for glory and to help others. Kings, queens, and princesses lived in enormous castles and their words were the law of the land. If your youngster has requested a Knight birthday party this should be all about fairy tale characters and medieval settings.
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Lego party supplies

Lego Party Supplies and Ideas

There’s something about Lego that continues to appeal to generation after generation of kids. For more than seventy years, children have loved to use these bright, colorful blocks and accessories to create entire worlds out of their own imaginations. Since Lego and it’s associated themes such as Ninjago, Star Wars, etc… kids are asking for a Lego themed birthday party. If that’s the case read on as we have a great party planned!
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Space party supplies

Space Party Supplies and Ideas

Space is fascinating for kids and grown-ups alike. Kids love the weird science of outer space: the fun of weightlessness, the mystery of black holes, the spectacle of meteor showers and supernovas. They look up to the men and women astronauts who explore space. And they’re fascinated by the little green aliens and other living creatures who may or may not be out there! If your birthday boy or girl has asked for a space-themed birthday party, there are lots of options for throwing a fun event without spending a fortune.
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Sweet 16 party supplies

Sweet 16 Party Supplies and Ideas

The 1980s were a very distinctive decade in terms of fashion, music, movies and more. Girls wore neon clothes, off-the-shoulder “Flashdance” sweatshirts and legwarmers. An 80’s themed sweet 16 is a very fun party theme as they weren’t around in the 80’s and recreating that magical time can really fun. If the birthday girl does want an 80’s party then be sure to immerse them in all things 80s.
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