Unicorn Party Supplies

unicorn party suppliesUnicorns are enchanting creatures that make one think of magical woodlands filled with glittering fairies, rainbows, and trees that seem alive. Almost all young girls love Unicorns because of their magical aura. If this is the case and your little girl has asked for a Unicorn Birthday Party have no fear we have all the supplies, ideas, decorations and games you’ll need!

Luckily, the Unicorn Party theme is a very easy theme to plan because of the abundance of pre-made Unicorn Party Supplies. In fact, you can even buy personalized unicorn party supplies where her face is placed on the invitation, napkins, plates, party banner and more! This is a great way to personalize the party without too much extra cost or work!

The Unicorn party is ideal for girls, ages 4 through 8, who still love the sparkle and shine of a make-believe creature-themed party. The food is light and dainty and includes iced cookies, a cupcake cake in the shape of a unicorn, and delicious pink and yellow lemonade. The decorations are pastel tulle, twinkling white Christmas lights, and cut outs of fairies, castles, and trees. The games require space for relay races and a craft table.

Remember to have fun and enjoy planning the Unicorn party as it will surely bring joy to their little faces!

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