Animals & Insects Party Supplies

Animal and insect parties are popular for kids of all ages and the parties range from a Dinosaur party to a Ladybug party. Whether the kids are big or small there is probably an Animal or insect party that will fit their taste. Simply select an animal (or insect) that they like and start planning the perfect party.

We have the following Animal and Insect party categories. Each category provides a FULL description of how to plan the perfect party. This includes everything from the invitations to the decorations and even the party games and food. If you have any comments on the party please let us know in the comments section of an article or through our contact page.

dinosaur party supplies

Dinosaur Party Supplies and Ideas

Grrrrrrrrr! It’s dinosaur party time! What child doesn’t like dinosaurs? This is the perfect theme for your next special event, because there is so much you can do with a dinosaur party! One of the great things about this theme is all the Dinosaur merchandise available! You can buy pre-made Dinosaur party supplies or simply pull together pieces from different dinosaur themed things! Read More …

ladybug party supplies

Ladybug Party Supplies and Ideas

There aren’t many insects with enough of a cute factor to charm little girls, but ladybug are at the top of the list. These tiny, brightly colored, polka-dotted bugs are greeted by children with cries of delight wherever they are found. They are known for being helpful garden companions, keeping away more harmful insects and helping the flowers and shrubs to stay healthy and make for a terrific party theme with the vibrant red, white and black colors! Read More …

Olivia the Pig party supplies

Olivia the Pig Party Supplies and Ideas

Set in a world of pigs, Olivia the Pig’s stories have to do with standard every day issues dealing with family, friends, and life’s lessons that all children must learn. Ian Falconer’s interesting minimalist style speaks more than the most detailed picture. Throughout the book series, additional colors are added, but the main colors of black, white and red are the ones most commonly associated with Olivia. Thanks to Olivia the Pig’s popularity, many children are asking for and enjoying Olivia the Pig birthday parties .
Read More …

zoo party supplies

Zoo Party Supplies and Ideas

Lions and tigers and bears – oh my! This is exactly what the theme of a zoo party! This theme is very casual, and is characterized by fun snack foods, bright decorations, and animals all around. Luckily, since a Zoo party theme is popular you can find Zoo Party Supplies which complement the theme and add to the fun! Read More …

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