Dora The Explorer Party Supplies

dora party costumeIf you have young child aged two to five in your home, you are probably very familiar with Dora the Explorer. In fact, you probably already know the “I’m the Map!” song off by heart! Little kids love following the adventures of fearless and kind-hearted Dora, her best friend, Boots the monkey, and her trusty sidekicks Backpack and Map, who help her to navigate forests, rainforests, safaris and other exotic places.

If your little girl or boy is asking for a birthday party with a Dora the Explorer themed birthday party, you’re in luck. The combination of songs, travel adventures, Spanish culture and animal rescue adds up to wonderful possibilities for birthday fun. We also have a full party planned for a Go Diego Go themed party if that’s what your boys are looking for!

In this series of articles, you’ll find everything you need to put together the perfect party for young Dora fans. There are lots of creative ideas for invitations and decorations, plus easy shortcuts if you’re pressed for time. You’ll also get step-by-step instructions for putting together a series of activities and games that are geared towards young children’s interests, abilities and attention spans!

Celebrate Dora’s Latin American heritage with a delicious party table full of Mexican-themed treats that the kids and their grown-up chaperones will love. And finish off the party with one of the show-stopping birthday cake ideas. Don’t worry if you’re not a baker extraordinaire: you’ll find ideas for store-bought solutions and easy-to-decorate homemade options.

So enjoy reading through these articles and put together a truly special Dora the Explorer birthday fiesta! Vamonos!

Dora The Explorer Party Planning Articles