Go Diego Go Party Supplies

go diego party suppliesEight-year old Diego is a scientist, a naturalist and an animal-lover. Kids love following his adventures all over the world as he saves and protects animals in their natural environments. Diego’s best human friend is Dora the Explorer, but his best animal friend is Baby Jaguar, his fearless companion on every adventure. Diego is a great role model for kids, and the Go, Diego, Go! animated series is a great theme for a Go Diego Go birthday party. You can turn your home or backyard into exotic safari territory or a lush rainforest teeming with wild (but friendly!) animals, and send your young partygoers on a rescue adventure that provides hours of fun and teaches them something new about the natural world around them.

This series of articles will show you how to put together a Go, Diego, Go! safari-themed party or rainforest party, complete with decorations, snacks, activities and party favors. There are ideas to fit every budget, from cost-conscious to extravagant. And you’ll also find options that let you get creative with homemade party favors and decoration ideas, as well as links to pre-made official Go Diego Go merchandise that offer quick-and-easy solutions. You’ll find a range of activities for every kind of birthday, whether you decide to take the kids to the local zoo or aquarium or spend the day indoors or outside in your own backyard.

Enjoy the party preparations and feel free to add your own creative touches. As Diego would say: “Adventura!” (“On with the adventure!”)

Go Diego Go Party Planning Articles