Bratz Party Food and Snacks

bratz paper platesFor your Bratz party, the snacks should all be fancy hors d’oeuvres fit for a fashion show gala. The girls can graze on dainty finger sandwiches, mini fruit cups and tiny cookies as they sip strawberry “shampagne” out of real champagne glasses. Don’t forget to include the Bratz tableware to keep with your Bratz party theme.

Strawberry “shampagne”
Add cranberry juice to Sprite or 7Up to make pale pink “shampagne.” You can also make a sweeter version by mixing Sprite or 7Up with pink cream soda. Pour into little champagne glasses. Make a vertical cut halfway through whole strawberries, starting at the bottom, and wedge the berry on the edge of the champagne glass as a garnish. If the berries are too big to do this, cut them in slices to garnish the drink.

Finger sandwiches
Use a loaf of brown bread and a loaf of white bread to make a colorful finger sandwich platter.

  • Make cream cheese and cucumber squares by spreading cream cheese on brown bread and topping with thin cucumber slices. Use a sharp knife to cut off the crusts and cut the open-faced sandwich into four little squares. Dress up each square with a little criss-cross of red pepper.
  • Make cheddar pinwheels by cutting the crusts off white sandwich bread and spreading with soft cheddar spread. Roll up the bread, cut into four or five pinwheels, and spear the pinwheels closed with decorative toothpicks.
  • Spread egg salad on brown bread, top with another slice, cut off the crusts and cut diagonally into triangles. Sprinkle paprika on the tops of the sandwiches.

These three kinds of sandwich look very pretty grouped together on a plate!

Mini fruit cups
Dice fresh pineapple, strawberries, and bananas (or any pretty fruit of your choice) and serve in little clear plastic shot glasses ($5.49 for 50) from Oriental Trading. Top with a squirt of whipped cream and a strawberry, maraschino cherry or pink crystal sugar.

Don’t forget to decorate the party food table with fashion items like glitter and bling!