Superheroes Party Supplies

Superheroes provide action, adventure, the fight against evil and allow the imagination to wander. If your son (or daughter) has asked for a Superhero birthday party this year than you are in luck! This is one of the easier themes to put together as it’s such an active and popular theme that party supplies and game ideas are readily available. The first step is to choose your child’s favorite superhero and use that as the basis of the party theme. If he/she is a fan of all the Superheros than consider a DC Superhero theme!

For each Superhero party theme we have planned everything from the invitations to the party activities and everything in between. You simply have to assemble the different pieces to create a fun and active party that your child will not soon forget!

Batman party supplies

Batman Party Supplies and Ideas

Batman, The Dark Knight, is one of the most popular Superheros of all time. Kids love the fact that Baman is different than other superheros in the fact that he doesn’t have actual super powers. This makes him seem more human and more likely that they too could be Batman. With the release of the new series of movies a Batman birthday party is a very popular party theme. Follow along on these articles to plan a great party including a Batman Scavenger Hunt for all the kids to enjoy. Read More …

Ironman party supplies

Ironman Party Supplies and Ideas

Ironman has quickly become one of the most popular superheroes with the release of the box-office hit movies. Ironman, Tony Stark, is nothing more than a normal person but when he puts on the Ironman suit he becomes a superhero. Some kids absolutely adore this idea as they too can become Ironman by simply throwing on the right suit. If you are being asked for an Ironman birthday party this year have no fear we are here to help. Our Ironman articles have planned everything from creating their own Ironman masks to the birthday cake and all the other small details. Read More …

Superheroes Party Planning Articles