Princess and the Frog Birthday Cake and Cupcakes

The cake, as with any party, is one of the stars. Kids love to eat the cake and love to talk about the cake before eating it. That’s why having a cool looking cake is an important part of any party. Here are a few Princess and the Frog cake and cupcake ideas that should be suitable for just about any themed party!

For an easy Disney Princess and the Frog cake, bake a round cake and cover it with frosting tinted to match the party theme colors. Then top it with an official Princess and the Frog cake topper featuring the Princess holding her little frog prince.

Edible Image Cake Topper
Another very simple option is to purchase an edible cake topper that can be laid on top of a home-baked sheet or layer cake for a very professional look. This makes a scene from the movie without having to be a master cake decorater!

Frog Prince Cake
You can also make a simple frog prince cake using a round cake pan and two cupcakes. Using a homemade recipe or mix cake, fill an 8” x 8” round pan and two muffin tins with batter. Bake as directed. When cool, place one cupcake on either side of the big cake to make the frog’s front legs. Frost everything with vanilla frosting tinted with green food coloring. You can sprinkle the cake with green crystal sugar for added effect if desired. Use a marshmallow, cut in half, to make the frog’s googly eyes, and use a squeeze tube of chocolate icing to make the pupils of his eyes, his nostrils and a big smile. To make his crown, cut a simple crown shape from shiny gold cardboard (you should be able to find it at a craft store, but you can also use the cardboard from a gold cake board). Press the crown against the cake icing to make it stick to the top of the frog’s head: the top of the crown will extend beyond the edge of the cake. If you are serving a bigger crowd, you can make a prince and a princess frog. For the princess, add eyelashes using the chocolate icing, and use pink or red squeeze-tube frosting for her lips and cheeks.

Princess and the Frog Cupcakes
Instead of a big cake, you can serve a platter of cute mini-frog cupcakes. Bake a batch of cupcakes and frost with green frosting (or purchase store-bought mint-frosted cupcakes). Place a mint fudge frog on top of each cupcake ($5.99 for 22 frogs on Amazon). This makes a super easy and fast cake for your party!

You can also decorate a batch of green or pink-frosted cupcakes with the frog-and-princess candies in the shapes of green frogs, gold crowns and pink hearts. Or serve “kissy cupcakes”: pink-frosted cupcakes with a pair of red candy lips on top.

Another option for your cupcakes is to either use cupcake rings, edible image toppers or very simple and easy frog cupcake toppers. We have listed a few items below that might be suitable for your party.

The final great idea is to make a fairly simple cake and then use Princess and the Frog candles, like the one to the right.

What Princess and the Frog cake will you make for your party? Something else entirely? Let us know in the comments below.