Narnia Party Supplies

narnia party suppliesThe Chronicles of Narnia party is based on a set of children’s books by C.S. Lewis. In these books, four children enter a wardrobe and find themselves in a magical land called Narnia. Narnia is under the spell of the White Witch who calls herself the Queen of Narnia. The four children – Peter, Susan, Lucy, and Edmund – must help the great lion, Aslan, defeat the White Witch and bring spring and happiness into Narnia.

If your child has asked for a Narnia Birthday Party this year than be sure to make it all about the magical characters, settings, and the fairy tale themes in the books. We have assembled all the details to create a great Narnia themed party from a Aslan Pinata to great party favors.

  • The games at the Narnia party reflect the good vs. evil themes in The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe book as well as the characters in the books. Some of the children will represent the evil characters of the White Witch while others will play the part of Aslan coming to the people of Narnia’s rescue. You can even use Narnia Costumes to really enhance this experience!
  • The colors of the Narnia party will include a lot of white, silver, and ice blue to reflect the great winter in Narnia while under the witch’s reign.
  • The favors are also fairy tale objects such as cardboard crowns and wands and swords and shields made at the craft table during the game/craft time.
  • The food will also have an enchanted twist, including a castle cake, and grapes and strawberries frozen to resemble icy, winter fruit.
  • Decorating the Narnia themed party site can also involve the magic and fairy tale elements of Narnia, as party-goers will eat in the White Witch’s castle under snowflakes and ice made from white paper covered in silver and blue glitter.

Remember that this party is best for children ages 7 to 11 and should be all about fun!

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