Bratz Birthday Cake and Cupcakes

bratz birthday cakeBratz cake toppers
The easiest way to create a Bratz birthday cake is to purchase Bratz cake topper figurines. Bake a sheet cake and cover it with vanilla frosting tinted pink or purple, then dress it up with jumbo pink, white and red hearts sprinkles and add a birthday message using a tube of pink or red sparkle gel. You can finish it of with an officially licensed Bratz candle if necessary.

Bratz shoe cake
Recreate the signature Bratz chunky shoe with a simple sheet cake. Bake a rectangular sheet cake and create a chunky heel by cutting out a triangle of cake from the bottom of the cake. Narrow the “toe” of the shoe by shaving off the upper right corner of the rectangle. Now you’ll have a blocky, Bratz-style shoe shape. Frost the cake in pale pink or purple frosting (homemade or canned vanilla frosting tinted with food coloring). Decorate the shoe with sparkly squeeze-tube frosting, glittery sparkling decorator sugar, mini-candies, etc.

Bratz Edible Image Cake
A simple Bratz cake can be made using Edible cake image toppers. Simply bake a rectangular cake and apply the edible image topper and you have a Bratz themed cake.
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Individual “purse” cupcakes
Bake a batch of cupcakes and cover with pink or purple frosting. Take lengths of licorice string and poke both ends into the cupcake to create the purse “handles.” Serve the purse cupcakes with bowls of little candies, confetti decorations and squeeze tubes of icing so the girls can design their own purses.

“Lips” cupcakes
If you’re going for a lips theme at the party, you can cover cupcakes with hot pink frosting and top each one with a pair of pouty red sugar lips.

Shoe and purse cupcakes
A very simple cake ideas is to serve purple-frosted cupcakes topped with these sweet cupcake picks shaped like little pink shoes, lips and purses—the three Bratz symbols!
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