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Cars and trucks are something that little boys love. The bigger the truck, the more adventurous the truck and the more noisy the situation the more they like it. If your boy (or girl) loves a certain type of truck then this might be the perfect party theme for your child. In the Cars & Trucks genre their are plenty of different options to choose you simply have to find something that your child will like. Do they really enjoy Nascar? Then a Nascar Birthday Party might be the perfect option. Or perhaps they like Firetrucks than a Firetruck birthday party would be suitable. Once you’ve chosen a theme we’ve finished planning the rest of the details.

We have the following Cars & Truck party themes. Each party theme is packed full of party planning information. The party theme is planned from the invitations and party favors to the party food and games. There are even homemade party supply ideas in each article to help limit the costs.

Firetruck party supplies

Firetruck Party Supplies and Ideas

Little boys love fire trucks! They’re noisy, colorful, speedy and dangerous—an irresistible combination for most young kids. Children also look up to firefighters for their bravery and sense of adventure. If your little boy or girl is begging for a fire truck themed birthday party, you’ll find everything you need in this series of articles to make their dreams come true.
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Monster Jam Truck party supplies

Monster Jam Party Supplies and Ideas

You are in the audience, you’re adrenaline is flowing. You can see the smoke coming from the engine in the monster truck that just wrecked. Kids absolutely love Monster Trucks as they’re larger than real trucks and wreck cars. If your child is asking for a Monster Jam or Monster Truck party for his birthday don’t worry this set of articles will provide a perfectly planned Monster Jam party! Read More …

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