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tangled party suppliesIn Disney’s latest animated masterpiece, Tangled, which is a new take on the beloved Rapunzel Fairy Tale, the naive Princess Rapunzel goes on an adventure with a fearless thief named Flynn Ryder. Accompanied by (and presumably with the help of) a horse that thinks it’s a dog, her pet chameleon, her frying pan and her magical hair, Rapunzel and Flynn are able to defeat the witch who has long held her captive, return to her real royal parents, and of course, fall in love.

If you have a child, or even a ‘tween’, you have likely heard of or may have already seen this fun family film. While there are aspects of the movie boys will enjoy, for instance, the bandits, the sword fights and the chase scenes, over all, it is more of a girls’ movie, given that it’s a fairy tale about a princess.

She is, however, a princess who knows how to kick butt, making her even more endearing to both genders (and parents as well). She is also very creative. In an effort to stave off boredom, locked away in her tower, Rapunzel bakes, cleans and dances. Most notably, however, she paints – not on canvas, but rather the walls of her prison become her canvas. It is this characteristic of the longhaired princess that speaks to the artist in every girl who sees the film, and encourages her to have creative outlets. An added bonus to Tangled is that the pop star turned actress Mandy Moore voices the film’s heroine, so along with a great theme and excellent animation, the film boasts an incredible soundtrack.

Given the film’s very recent release and immense popularity, you are probably already getting requests from a special girl in your life to throw her a Tangled-themed birthday party. This article will help you with everything you need, from unique party games and activities to interesting ways to decorate your home. Indeed, you will have an easy time finding plenty of merchandise, as it is readily available. If you are into crafts and want to make everything by hand, this is doable as well. Whether it is inexpensive or extravagant, your Tangled party is sure to delight and entangle the birthday girl and all her guests.

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