Pokemon Party Supplies

pokemon party suppliesPokémon is an international phenomenon that has been hugely popular since in was first introduced in Japan in 1996. It was originally a Japanese video game based on a game called “Pocket Monster” developed by Satoshi Tajiri for Nintendo. Since then it has developed in to more sophisticated video games, anime, movies, trading cards and even live tournaments and now kids are wanting Pokemon themed birthday parties!

The Pokémon universe is made up of over 500 Pokémon creatures. The creatures are various shapes and sizes and live in the wild alongside humans. They are raised and commended by their “Trainers” as they go through various adventures. The Trainers are the players of the video games (your kids) or the players of the trading card games. They may also be the humans in the animated series.

A Pokémon birthday party should encourage the kids to have fun and learn how to use some good strategic thinking. We have everything to make the perfect Pokemon party including party favors, invitations, decorations, food and even super fun Pokemon themed games!

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