Space Party Supplies

space astronaut partySpace is fascinating for kids and grown-ups alike. Kids love the weird science of outer space: the fun of weightlessness, the mystery of black holes, the spectacle of meteor showers and supernovas. They look up to the men and women astronauts who explore space. And they’re fascinated by the little green aliens and other living creatures who may or may not be out there!

If your birthday boy or girl has asked for a space-themed birthday party, there are lots of options for throwing a fun event without spending a fortune. You’ll find plenty of ideas in this series of articles to help you plan a space adventure that won’t be soon forgotten. There are ideas for turning the party room into an outer space zone, a set of “astronaut training camp activities” and more.

Get ideas for creating personalized keepsake invitations and inventive favor bags that will be the hit of the party. Plus, load up the snack table with an assortment of home-made space treats, and for the grand finale, choose from one of three easy-to-make space-themed birthday cakes.

With a little imagination and preparation, you’ll pull off a birthday party that’s truly out of this world.

Space Party Planning Articles