Wizard of Oz Party Supplies

wizard of oz costume party suppliesIt’s hard to believe that it’s been seventy years since the wonderful Wizard of Oz became part of our culture. It is one of the best-known, most recognizable movies in history, and one that children still enjoy, despite its lack of contemporary special effects. Somehow the music, munchkins and flying monkeys combine for a magical experience for people of all ages. It is a film that celebrates diversity, acknowledges the gifts within us all, and helps us appreciate life and home. What better theme is there for a party?

The Wizard of Oz birthday party has many different themes you can play with. Whether you choose to focus on the yellow brick road, the flying monkeys, the Emerald City, the legendary characters, or all of the munchkins you’re inviting to your party, you really can’t go wrong!

Because this is such a great party theme, there is a plethora of premade Wizard of Oz party supplies available to you. This makes your life easier, however, if you want to be creative and save some money we have homemade party supply ideas too!

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