Mario Kart Party Supplies

mario kart ultimate party packSuper Mario Kart, a go-kart racing game featuring the original brothers as well as other characters, was first introduced in the early 1990’s and was later re-released due to its enduring popularity. The latest version of Super Mario Kart is played on the most advanced Nintendo gaming console yet, the popular Wii. With the re-release for this new type of gaming console, a whole new generation of children has discovered the dynamic duo of brothers.

Throwing a fabulous Super Mario Kart birthday party is easy and a lot of fun, especially for parents who grew up with the original Mario Brothers game and are now seeing their children enjoying the same characters. There are plenty of great ideas, both homemade and readily available at party suppliers to make your Super Mario Kart birthday party a super success.

From the perfect food with an Italian flare, such as pizza and mozzarella sticks, to a cake that will impress everyone, you can send your guests home full and happy. They will have a great time working off all of that food with fantastic party games like the shell toss, and every little partygoer will leave pleased to take home fun Mario Kart themed party favors such as pull-back karts featuring the Mario Kart characters. Making a memorable and enjoyable Super Mario Kart birthday party is fun and easy with all of the tips and ideas in the following articles.

Mario Kart Party Planning Articles