Strawberry Shortcake Party Decorations

strawberry shortcake wall decals No matter what Berry good time you are planning, your décor can be as simple as setting up a Garden Tea Party in your backyard, with table cloths and pink and green streamers strung about, and silk flowers in pots on the tables. If the time of year isn’t good for that, or you want something more child-like here are a few ideas.

You could make large cut out fruit, flower, or dessert shapes out of poster board for seating placements, with each guest’s name on it. Stick the seating cut outs to the floor in whatever manner you choose, eliminating friction later on about who sits where, and avoiding the guests crowding too close to each other. has two sets of Peel & Stick wall decals available. (as seen above). There are Strawberry Shortcake and friends, and one that has Strawberry Shortcake by herself. You can also purchase a set of cupcake party lights which can help to light up the party and decorate the room.

Balloons are always a popular decorating item. A grouping of purple balloons could look like a bunch of grapes, orange ones similar to oranges, slightly under-inflated red ones with black marker dots could look like strawberries, long yellow ones like bananas- you could make the floor into a fruit basket! You can also purchase a Strawberry Shortcake Mylar foil balloon which kids seem to really love!

A great way to decorate your party with very little work is by purchasing a Strawberry Shortcake party pack which includes everything for your party. The pack comes complete with table settings and cloth, plates, napkins, balloons and the works from Celebrate Express starting at $ 23.99 for a Basic party pack for 8, $39.99 for a Deluxe set for 8, or $76.99 for the Deluxe set for 8 that also includes 8 party favour box sets.

To get everyone in the Strawberryland mood, scent the air with fruit aroma from your favourite room spray, scented oils or candles before the party starts. If you hosted a Strawberry Shortcake Party how did you decorate? Let us know in the comments below.