Dora Birthday Party Food and Snack

dora birthday party favors
Here are some ideas for creating delicious party food that celebrates Dora’s Latin American heritage:

Build-your-own-quesadilla bar
Although a lot of Latin American food is too spicy for young palates, you can set up a fun quesadilla bar that features simple flavors kids like. Offer an assortment of red (red corn), green (spinach) and white tortillas, and let the kids create their own mix of corn, green peppers, red peppers, avocado, mozzarella, jack or cheddar cheeses, ham or chicken slices and anything else that’s a favorite. Use a plug-in grill at the table to grill the quesadillas, and cut into wedges small enough for little hands to hold. This is great as they choose which toppings that they like!

Cactus juice
Mix green soda (green apple, lime etc.) with a dollop of green sherbert, and serve in small, clear plastic glasses, garnished with cactus straws.

Mexican wedding cookies
These little cookies are pretty, easy to make and a Mexican tradition. Mix together:

  • 1 cup of softened butter
  • ½ cup powdered sugar
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla extract
  • 2 cups of flour
  • ¾ cup toasted finely chopped pecans.

Chill dough, then roll into 1-inch balls and bake at 350 degrees for 12 minutes. When still warm, roll balls in powdered sugar.

Teach the kids some Spanish while they eat: “queso” is cheese, “galleta” is cookie, “jugo” is juice, etc. Learn more simple spanish food words here.

Alternatively, you can use “adventure” as the theme of the birthday snack table. Serve the kids an adventure pack of snacks that they can take with them outside or while playing indoors. Decorate paper sacks with Dora stickers or animal stickers, and fill them with a juice-box, mini-sandwiches and an individual pack of chips or other snacks. Include a little adventure toy, like a safety whistle, novelty bandaids, compass, etc.

Whichever option you choose remember that to save on clean-up time that you’ll want to use paper plates, napkins and cups. We have a selection of items below that look great and the kids will love!