Wizard of Oz Birthday Cake and Cupcakes

wizard of oz birthday cake topperWhen it comes to the cake, your options are practically unlimited. You might make confetti cake and rainbow chip frosting to play on the rainbow theme. Or you could use green food coloring to make a green cake with green frosting! Add some green sparkly sprinkles and you’ve got an Emerald City cake! Whatever cake you make, you’ll probably want to pair it with some rainbow sherbet! Here are a few ideas to create a truly magical Wizard of Oz birthday cake.

Wizard of Oz Cake Topper Kit
A very easy and great looking cake is to create a cake using the Wizard of Oz Cake Kit, which includes a cake topper that features Dorothy, Toto, and the Wicked Witch (shown above to the right).

Wizard of Oz Edible Image Cake Topper
The next easiest cake option is to use an edible image topper for your cake. Simply ice the cake as you normally would and apply the edible image topper. Your cake will have an image of the Wizard of Oz on the top of your cake. Here are a few options to consider
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Wizard of Oz Cupcakes
If you want to go the cupcake route, you will have LOTS of different and creative options. A very simple and great looking decoration is a Wizard of Oz Party Cupcake Rings, which can double as party favors, making you both frugal and fantastic!
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Wizard of Oz Rainbow Cupcakes
A VERY simple idea is to create a cupcake rainbow. Simply, make a BUNCH of cupcakes. Then frost some with frosting of each color of the rainbow. (You can use food coloring to color the frosting – you don’t need to buy multiple colors of frosting.) Arrange the cupcakes in an arc on your table and you have a cupcake rainbow!