Wizard of Oz Party Decorations

wizard of oz
Decorating for your Wizard of Oz Party should be a super fun and creative affair. You can invite your kids to help you with the decorations so they get a child’s special touch. Here are a few ideas for your decorations!

Decorate your door
What’s the first thing your party-goers will see? Your door! So, why not give them a startle and maybe get a chuckle, by setting up some witch’s legs beside your door (to look as if your house just landed on her). You can create your own with some white fabric (you could use an old sheet), stuffing (you could use newspaper), and a black marker. And of course, you’ll need some red shoes. Or you can buy her legs all ready to go from Amazon which doubles as a great Halloween decoration!.

Then, above your doorbell, hang a sign that reads, “Ding-Dong the Witch is Dead!” Or if you are afraid that might frighten some of your more sensitive munchkin guests, you can also fashion your sign to read, “Bell out of order. Please knock.”

Celebrate Express offers a Wonderful Wizard of Oz Deluxe Party Pack, which includes everything you need to decorate for your party for $33.99. That would certainly save you time searching for stuff. The kit includes a foil balloon and several latex balloons (make sure none of your guests are allergic to latex). If you just want to purchase a foil balloon, you can do that too.

Of course, you can also get your balloons locally. You might go with a rainbow theme, or simply get all green balloons to celebrate the Emerald City! You might transform one room of your house into the Emerald City! Add some green streamers and a green table cloth. Make the room as green as you can and create a sign that reads, “Welcome to the Emerald City!”

If you don’t go with the “party pack,” you might still want to order some Wizard of Oz cups, plates, and napkins to go along with your WIzard of Oz party food. They’re almost too cute to resist.

If you have a dog, you can make him a special tag that he can wear for the day. Have it say something like, “Hi! I’m Toto!” If you have more than one dog, give the others tags that say, “I’m with Toto.”

Finally, don’t forget to have some sort of Yellow Brick road, this is after all, the Wizard of Oz. You can put it on the ground, on the wall or even the ceiling. This can be created using yellow construction paper, yellow tissue paper or any other yellow rectanuglar paper.

If you hosted a Wizard of Oz party what did you have for decorations? Let us know in the comments below.