Strawberry Shortcake Party Favors

strawberry shortcake Your Strawberry shortcake party favors can be a wide range of things. In fact, if you chose to do the Flower Pot decorating and/or the Fruity Flower necklace making from the Strawberry Shortcake party games, you would already have a really nice party favour to send the guests home with. Either way, we have a few more suggestions to create terrific Strawberry Shortcake party favors.

If you wish to have something more, a nice bag in strawberry colours of pinkish-red and lime green, with an assortment of in-expensive Strawberry Shortcake gifts would be very nice. Here is a selection of Strawbery Shortcake gifts all under $5. You can also fill it with a nice handful of fruit flavoured snacks (fruit leather, rollups, gummies in the shape of fruit, etc), fruit shaped and/or fruit scented erasers and pencils, lip gloss in fruit or dessert flavours, small jewellery items, flower hair bows, sunglasses, or even potpourri! You can even purchase a Strawberry Shortcake trick-or-treat bag (or purse) which would be the perfect container for all their loot!

Another idea is to purchase a pre-made set of Strawberry Shortcake themed party favors. The pack includes stickers, bracelet, ring, stick on earrings, compact mirror, and a swirly lollipop. They are officially Strawberry Shortcake products so you know they’ll be high quality and that the kids will love them!

If you hosted a Strawberry Shortcake party what did you give out as party favors? Let us know in the comments below.