Wizard of Oz Party Food and Snack Ideas

wizard of oz paper platesThe Wizard of Oz party ffood can have a wide variety of options from sweet and savory to tasty and healthy. We suggest taking a concept from the movie and using that as part of your food inspiration. We’ve used bits and pieces to create a variety of food ideas for your party. Of course, be sure to check with the parents of your guests to make sure none of the munchkins have any allergies.

To Drink
Mix up some witch’s brew! Drip a little green food coloring into your Sprite! Or, if really want to impress your little guests, add some lime sherbet to the mix. Delicious and mysterious!

To Dip
You can add the rest of your green food coloring to some dip and serve chips and green dip!

Monkey Bread
I also recommend some monkey bread. All kids love it and you can honor those mean flying monkeys! You can find a recipe for monkey’s bread at momswhothink.com.

Of course you’ll want to offer some nutritional options too. Banana bites can also pay tribute to those flying monkeys. Cut some bananas up into bite size bits and serve with toothpicks.

Rainbow Fruit Platter
You can also use fruit to make a rainbow platter. Lay out an arching row of strawberries. Then, beneath that, add a row of orange slices, then pineapple, then kiwi, then blueberries, then grapes. Of course, as soon as a few children visit the fruit rainbow, it will probably look more like a fruit tornado.

Finally, don’t forget your Wizard of Oz tableware including your paper plates, cups and napkins. This is not imperative but it does make the clean-up MUCH easier!