Thomas the Tank Engine Party Food and Snacks

thomas tank engine train pasta
Although you can easily get away with serving the traditional party food such as hotdogs, chips and dips, macaroni and cheese, hamburgers with all the fixings, fruit and veggies or pizza, but you can really bring the table together by including themed items. We have included a few Thomas the Tank Engine train food ideas below.

Thomas the Tank Engine Train Pasta
Using pasta in the shape of Thomas & Friends you can create a great meal that the kids will love! Simply boil the pasta and add whatever sauce you’d like to the top. A good option that can please most kids is to offer a variety of flavors from tomato sauce to alfredo.

Thomas the Tank Sandwiches
Turn your sandwiches into train sandwiches. These sandwiches are surprisingly easy and fun. All you need is a train shaped cookie cutter and all the ingredients for the sandwiches. Before creating the sandwiches you simply cut the bread into shapes of trains and then assemble the sandwiches. The kids will probably end up eating more of these than normal sandwiches though!

Bowl full of coal
A simple added decoration but not a great food is a bowl full of coal. Simply add a bowl of black licorice or small chocolate chunks to the table and call it ‘coal.’ The kids will get a kick out of grabbing a handful to refuel their engines.

Train Lollipops
Another fun and easy to create train party food are train lollipops. You can create the lollipops using Train Chocolate molds. The lollipops can be created from chocolate or even from juice and placed in the freezer to create frozen lollipops!

train plastic drinking cups

When you set up the food table, you can refer to it as the Food Station or the dining car. You can put your food offerings into bowls and on plates that are in the red/blue/yellow color scheme with a Thomas the tank tablecover. For easier clean-up you will want to use paper plates, cups and napkins. You can purchase official Thomas the Tank Engine paper plates, cups and napkins to keep the party theme going, but this is not completely necessary.

Hopefully these ideas help to create perfect party food for your Thomas the Tank Engine party. If you hosted a Thomas the tank party what did you serve at the party? Let us know in the comments below.