Thomas the Tank Engine Train Party Decorations

thomas the tank engine mylar balloons
There are many great and affordable Thomas the Tank Engine party decorations to really deck out your home like a train station to welcome your son or daughter’s guests. You can go for the pre-made and pre-packaged options, get creative and make your own, or our recommendation is a mix of the two together!

From Plates to Utensils to Balloons, Everything With Your Budget in Mind
There are numerous individual party items you can buy, or you can buy party packs that give you everything in one convenient package at a discounted price. You can find a Thomas the Tank Engine party pack. The package includes 8 invitations and thank-you cards, dinner plates, cups, forks, spoons, activity placemats, 16 napkins, a Thomas table cover, a centerpiece, a foil balloon, 18 balloons in the Thomas colors, curling ribbon, crepe paper rolls, train shaped confetti and Thomas cake candles. If the set is too much, you can cut costs by getting a few Thomas themed items such as Thomas birthday hats, and getting your own set of cups, plates, utensils and balloons in the Thomas colors of red, blue, and yellow. For extra dashes of color, you can add in colors such as green and purple as featured on Thomas’ friends.

Another option is to purchase a few specific Thomas the Tank Engine party decorations that can also be used for the party games and activities. A few good ideas are a Thomas the Tank pinata or a Thomas the Tank Play Vehicle. Finally, if you’re going to put together a package of balloons than we recommend also buying a few Mylar Balloons. This Thomas train mylar balloon is over 2 ft long and looks incredible!

Create Your Own Thomas the Tank Engine Party Decorations
If you are up to taking things to the next level, there are more decorating and theme-enhancing opportunities than simply purchasing Thomas products for the meal. You can also include a Thomas banner that you either make yourself or one you order with the birthday boy or girl’s name and the slogan of your choosing such as “All Aboard for Keith’s Birthday!” This can be hung over the door for guests to see as they enter, or over the birthday child’s chair. Also, be sure to tie balloons to your son or daughter’s chair to add an extra bit of festivity to the room. You can buy official Thomas foil balloons, or pump up an assortment of red, blue and yellow balloons. In addition, you can include a sign with something along the lines of “Birthday Conductor” on the chair. The birthday boy or girl can be decked out in either a pre-made Thomas the Tank Engine costume or a conductor’s outfit with overalls or jeans, a bandana, a conductor’s hat and a train whistle.
thomas the tank engine train mylar balloons

To decorate the party space, you can hang red and blue streamers on the walls or ceiling. You can purchase or make Thomas the Tank Engine posters and hang them up on the walls. If you want to make Thomas posters, simply download one of the coloring pages, add color either yourself or on the computer and take it down to the local copy shop to have it blown up to poster size.

What are Trains Without Stations?
Set up different areas of the party like train stations with labels such as “Coloring Station”, “Game Station”, “Food Station”, “Favor Station”, “Present Station” and “Cake Station”. This is a great way to show the kids the different areas where the Thomas the Train party games will be held! Alternatively, you can set up stations with names from the Thomas stories such as Vicarstown, Wellsworth and Knapford. Also, the food area can be set up like a dining car. The party guests can line up and chug along to each station, with perhaps a train whistle and train movement noises or train whistles!

Create the Magical Island of Sodor
A really fun thing to do is transform your home into the magical Island of Sodor where Thomas and his friends live. If you’re including balloons outside your house so guests can recognize which house is having the great Thomas-themed party, you can also include a sign (either ordered or hand-made) with the words “Island of Sodor Just Ahead” with an arrow pointing to your front door. In one of the Thomas movies, the Island of Sodor can only be reached by a magical railroad made of gold dust. Use gold or yellow chalk, or other materials depending on the way your yard is arranged, to create this golden railroading leading from the street to your door. You can also offer a pot of gold glitter that each guest can take a pinch of and toss at the threshold, which transports them into the magical world of your son or daughter’s birthday party.

Hopefully these ideas help to create terrific looking Thomas the Tank Engine party decorations. If you hosted a Thomas the train party how did you decorate the venue? Let us know in the comments below.