Thomas the Tank Engine Train Party Favors

thomas the tank engine train party favors
Every birthday guest loves getting party favors to take home and play with long after the party is over. That’s why you want to create or assemble great party favors as you know they’ll be talking about them with all of their friends!

If you want to go the pre-made route, head over to CelebrateExpress. This website offers a very cute and fun Thomas the Tank Engine party favor pack (as seen to the right). The pack includes a box shaped like a train. Inside, your party guests will discover a Thomas the Tank Engine sticker sheet, a Thomas blowout toy, a flashing train keychain, a mini train whistle, a mini activity and coloring book and a box of four crayons.

Another option is a fun set of pre-made Thomas the Tank Engine thomas the tank engine train party favors
favors at Amazon (as seen to the bottom right). This pack of favors include sticker sheets, activity sheets, spin tops, prism viewers, flying discs, and loot bags to put everything in. Either pre-made option significantly cuts down your preparation time as you’ll have the party favors collected and ready by the click of a button.

Create Your Own Thomas the Train Party Favor Packs
If you want to choose what pre-made items go into your Thomas party favor box, you can buy a Thomas the Tank treat bag and fill it with whatever toys, trinkets and candy that you want. Luckily, Thomas the Tank Engine has been around for a which means there are lots of different merchandise that you can find. In fact, a great party favors that all the kids will enjoy is plastic train cup for their drinks. You may be able to find some at your local dollar store or we have a few items listed below that may be appropriate.
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Create Your Own Thomas the Tank Party Favors
Here are a few ideas to help you save some money by creating your own party favors.

train gingerbread house
Create a train
Other fun arts and craft party favors can be done while having the party itself. For an activity, you can give the kids shoeboxes or other small boxes you might have lying around. Offer colored paper, paint, glitter, and other craft supplies. Everyone can make his or her own trains to take home. You can include Popsicle sticks, train whistles and any other fun train stuff for the kids to include on their train. Make sure everyone paints a number on their train, and gives their newly minted member of the Thomas and Friends group a name! Another fun create a train project/party favor is a Train gingerbread house. A train gingerbread kit comes with all the supplies needed to create a great gingerbread house including the gingerbread, candy and icing!

Group Photo
Another great party favor is a picture from the party. Using the Thomas the Train play vehicle you can have each kid pose in the train. You can also have a group photo of all the party guests around the train. Before the party is over print off the photos and include them in the party favor bags!

Thomas the Tank t-shirts
For party favors your birthday guests can wear, make Thomas T-shirts with Thomas and Friends iron-on designs. You can personalize them with fabric paint to include the day, the birthday boy or girl’s name, and/or the birthday slogan you have chosen to unify the theme. A variation of this is to give each guest a conductor hat to wear throughout the party. You can give them the option during the arts and crafts portion of the party to decorate these hats to make a memorable keepsake.